P4 Autopilot

Thrust-assist for Dead-ahead slow or station keeping (optional) • Multi-Language capability: English, Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Icelandic, and more • Standard Mounting bracket – Flush Mount, Swivel mount bracket is optional • IP67 Waterproof – Control Head, TS4, NF4 and WS4 • RoHS & CE compliance for EMI and RFI immunity


  • IST – Intelligent Steering Technology provides superior vessel steering capability • ADAPTIVE steering for sea conditions and varying vessel speeds • AUTO-SETUP – allows auto-drive detection, rudder response time, compass detection and calibration • WORK Mode suitable for Towboats and Workboats • NMEA 2000, ETHERNET, and NMEA 0183 interface • Configurable for Fishing, Offshore Vessels, Workboats, Towboats and Yachts • PRC- Proportional Rate Control feature provides gentle smooth response • Multi-Station capability with security station lock • SUNLIGHT viewable LED backlit 5.7” TFT LCD 640 x 480 display • NAV Mode provide adaptive precise track steering • ALC – Automatic Leeway Compensation for Drift, Tide & Wind • Fully compatible with onboard instruments and steering systems • Z-Drive interface allows 360 ͦAzimuth drive interface using +/- 10 Volts /4-20 milliamps analog signal (optional) • Auto
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