KW999-N Fixed Capsules

16GB Hardened Capsule

A Recoverable capsule for the VDR/ S-VDR. Highly protective capsule ensures 12 hours of recorded data is kept from loss due to fire, explosion and deep sea submersion etc. Remains fixed to the vessel in the event of sinking.




24v DC supplied from the MEU



All Data



All Data



347 x 180 x 218mm



IEC60945, IEC61996



The AMI Marine fixed capsule combines high mechanical security with simple operation. With excellent build quality the equipment was designed with reliability and durability in mind.

Connection to the VDR is achieved over an Ethernet interface, with either a 16GB internal memory holding a minimum of 12 hours of data for recovery or 64GB internal memory for a minimum of 48 hours data for recovery.


  • Reliable High Quality European engineering
  • Acoustic Beacon with 90 day operational life
  • Compact size which offers cost effective shipping
  • Fast operation
  • Large storage capacity
  • Internationally supported with AMI after sales service
  • Easy to install for the engineer
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