The JQE-103 is a float-free compact type EPRIB designed to transmit the 406MHz emergency signal and the 121.5MHz homing signal in accordance with IMO/CCIR and COSPAS/SARSAT regulations. This equipment must be fitted to comply with IMO SOLAS regulations.

The 406MHz satellite EPIRB, thrown into the sea from a vessel or automatically released from the bracket in distress, automatically emits a 406Mhz emergency signal, which the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite receives and relays to a Local User’s Terminal(LUT) on 1.5GHz.
The LUT decodes the signal information including the location of the EPIRB and transmits it to a Rescue Co-ordination Center(RCC) for quick start of SAR operations by aircraft and vessels.


  • The emergency transmission on 406MHz includes a digitally encoded message containing the ship’s identity and nationality, thereby enabling an RCC to quickly catch the distress information.
    The ship’s location can be determined with an accuracy of 2 to 5km.
  • The JQE-103 incorporates a 121.5MHz emergency transmitter to emit a homing signal to the search and rescue aircraft in the immediate vicinity of the ship in distress.
  • The JQE-103 is automatically released from the float-free release bracket under water pressure at a depth of less than 4 meters to float to the surface for continuous emissions for 48 hours or more with automatic flashing of the strobe light.
  • Provision is made to prevent faulty signal emissions so that automatic signal emission is only possible upon launching into the sea Take out however, the buoy can be operated manually by a simple switch operation.
  • The JQE-103 is of a compact, lightweight, watertight and rugged design. It can easily be mounted on a bulkhead and even when it is thrown into water from a height of 20 meters, it will work normally.
  • The battery life of the JQE-103 is enhanced to extend the batteryユs replacement up to 5 years.
  • The water pressure sensor is of a non-destructive type which can be repeatedly used. Its replacement period is 2 years.
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