Antenna Inmarsat Global Xpress JUE-100GX

High-speed ship-to-shore data
communication environment

Combines GX and FB for continuous stability and high-speed
Upload more data with standard 5W and optional 10W BUC upgrade
Ensured coverage with expandable dual antenna interswitch


JRC is one of the world’s longest-established companies in the field of marine electronics, and a pioneer in global mobile L-band satellite communications as Inmarsat’s longest-serving manufacturing partner. From the beginnings of the maritime satellite communications era JRC has invested heavily in research and development year-on-year. With our new design of JUE-100GX Ka-band terminal and antenna delivering high-speed ship-to-shore data, JRC continues to offer a creative solution to the maritime industry while also serving the next smart shipping era.

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is a system that combines the GX (Ka-band) and the FB (L-band). The GX and FB switches automatically depending on the weather and provides users with high-speed and stable communication at all times. The GX provides high-speed communication during fine weather, and the FB provides limited-speed but stable communication on rain fading.

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